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Autograph World, LLC is now offering consignment opportunities for our upcoming Signature Pieces by Autograph World consignment auction.

Why Choose the Signature Pieces by Autograph World auction?

  1. The low consignment rate of 15%.
  2. The most advanced on-line bidding system of any major autograph company.
  3. Our worldwide customer base of over 20,000 on-line bidders.
  4. All items are pictured in color on our website. There is no charge to picture items.
  5. We provide expert assessment of your items value.
  6. We offer professional mat cutting services for out consignors at very reasonable rates. We work with consignors to create pieces that will achieve the maximum profit.
  7. We are UACC Registered Dealers #RD001 and RD002 and have a combined experience of over 35 years selling and auctioning autographs.
  8. We received the 2004 UACC Dealer of The Year award.

Auction Consignment Schedule

What autographs are we accepting for consignment?

  1. Vintage Hollywood film stars
  2. Vintage Music stars
  3. Artists
  4. Astronauts
  5. Vintage Sports Stars
  6. Historical Figures

What kinds of signed items to we accept?

  1. Signed Photographs
  2. Signed album pages
  3. Matted pieces
  4. Letters
  5. Documents, including checks
  6. Artwork
  7. Signed memorabilia
  8. Books

What are we NOT accepting for consignment?

  1. Current Hollywood film or Music stars
  2. Current Sports stars
  3. Nudes or True Crime autographs
  4. Unsigned Items
  5. Unsolicited pieces. You must contact us before sending items.
  6. Individual items with a value under $50 and total packages with a value under $200.00.


  1. You are charged 15% for lots that sell. There are no hidden fees. We do not charge processing fees, and we do not charge fees to picture your item.
  2. You are responsible for shipping the items to us. Any unsold lots will have the shipping costs deducted from your consignor payment.

Contact Autograph World, LLC to consign

  1. You can email us at bardwell@autographworld.com or call (603) 749-9461 between 9am and 4pm eastern time, Monday through Friday.
  2. In your email, please provide a list of the items that you want to consign. Also, please provide contact information, including a daytime telephone number.
  3. Autograph World, LLC reserves the right to reject any item for any reason.