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8/19/2018 1:44:56 AM
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Welcome to Signature Pieces by Autograph World, the location for premiere authentic autographs.  Our monthly auction features hundreds of items from the biggest names in entertainment, music and sports.  All items are backed by Autograph World's 100% guarantee of authenticity.
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Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn - (1907-2003) Multi-Oscar winning actress. One of the greatest of all time. 7.5x9.75 matte-finish b/w photo of the actress backstage. It is signed and inscribed 'For William Godward'. It comes with PSA/DNA letter of authenticity.
Cliff Robertson
Cliff Robertson - (1923-2011) Oscar winner for his role in 'Charlie'. He was also in 'Spider-Man' as 'Uncle Ben'. 8.5x10.5 b/w In Person signed original vintage Volpe... more
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul - Actor who stars in 'Breaking Bad'. 8x10 Color In Person signed portrait from 'Breaking Bad'.
Claudia Wells
Claudia Wells - 8x10 Color In Person signed great portrait as 'Jennifer Parker' in 'Back To The Future'.
Alec Guinness
Alec Guinness - (1914-2000) Actor who starred in 'Star Wars' and 'Bridge on The River Kwai'. This item is a 3.5x5.5 signed vintage card.
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